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Learn more about In-Charge on the about us page. Below are some frequently asked question



Contacts / Messages

Q1:     Where do I receive mail sent through the site?

A1:      Mail sent through In-Charge, such as private messages, notifications, bulletins, or other important site-related messages, are delivered to the email you used in the registration process. Always make sure to check your spam folder.


Q2:      If I send a user a private message, will he / she see my e-mail address?

A2:      No. Only your username is displayed to the recipient.


Q3:     How do I reply back to private messages?

A3:      You can reply back to a private message by going to the sender's profile page and sending a message through the email section on that page. A link to the sender's profile page will be displayed in the message you receive in your e-mail.


Q4:     Can I share my contact info or obtain a model's contact info?

A4:      No. We don't allow due to the protection of our members' safety and privacy. Those caught exchanging information will be banned.


Q5:      How do I delete my account?

A5:       You can contact the admin by e-mail at from the e-mail account you used in the registration process or by clicking Contact Support in the footer and then selecting Account Termination. We will always double-check with you via e-mail to ensure you want to delete your account.


Q6:      What browser should I use?

A6:       In-Charge works on all web browsers.


Q7:    I forgot my username / password, what should I do?

A7:    Click Sign In and then click Forgot Username / Password.


Q8:     Why aren't my login credentials working?

A8:      Most commonly, you're typing them in wrong.


Q9:     How do I play videos once I buy them?

A9:      Use any media player on your system or download a free one online.


Q10:     Can I download / buy an item more than once?

A10:      Sure. You can download / buy an item as many times as you like, but this should not be necessary as you can download a copy of the item immediately upon purchase. Buying an item multiple times will result in multiple charges. After the item is bought, you can download it as many times as you like for free by clicking Downloads.


Q11:     Who is the payment processor for In-Charge?

A11:      We use Epoch for all of our sales. If you need help with billing support, please visit the Epoch customer support site.


Q12:     Do I need to be a member to buy content?

A12:      Yes. However, you don't need to be a member to view the content previews.


Q13:     What are credits?

A13:     These are our form of currency to buy content. $1 USD equals 1 credit.


Q14:     Why didn't the credits I purchased show up in my account?

A14:     It is doubtful this will ever happen but technology everywhere is bound to have glitches. If this happens, use the Contact Support link in the footer and click Questions.


Q15:     When buying images, what are those size descriptions above the buy button?

A15:     It's alien technology. Just pick the biggest one if ever faced with this challenging decision.

The Lounge

Q16:     What is the Lounge?

A16:      It is a video chat room powered by AV Chat which allows users to socialize and possibly view each other on webcam. Visit the Lounge


Q17:     Do I need to be a member to enter the Lounge?

A17:     Yes, you need to be an In-Charge member. Entrance to the Lounge is free to all members but to enjoy the full features you can upgrade to any of our upgraded membership packages. Free members are only allowed to use the Lounge for 1 hour each day, can only view 2 webcams at any given time, may view webcam feeds for a total of 15 minutes, can only occupy 1 chat room at a time, cannot send private messages inside the Lounge, and cannot create custom rooms. Paying members have unlimited stay in the Lounge, can view unlimited webcam feeds, have unlimited watch time for webcam feeds, can occupy 5 rooms at a time, can send private messages in the Lounge, and can create custom rooms.


Q18:     How do I cancel my upgraded membership to the Lounge?

A18:      Please visit the Epoch support center to cancel your membership.


Q19:     Why can't I enter the Lounge?

A19:     Close out and try again. If that doesn't work, make sure you have the latest version of Flash. If that doesn't work, make sure no firewalls or virus software is preventing you from viewing it. Finally, if that doesn't work, clear you browser history and cache or try resizing the pop-up window.


Q20:     What is the pop-up window asking for "permission" when I open the Lounge?

A20:     You can safely say yes to this request if it appears, otherwise the applet won't load.


Q21:     How do I become a model?

A21:     Click here


Q22:     I submitted my application to be a model, when will I hear from someone?

A22:     Usually within one week.


Q23:     How do I become a featured author or have a weekly featured item?

A23:      it varies depending on what the admin wants to feature. You can submit a request to be a featured author or to have a weekly featured item by clicking Contact Support in the footer and clicking Questions. We will consider your request.


Q24:     How do I edit an item which was already approved?

A24:      Go to My Account and click Portfolio. From there, click the item you want to edit. After that, you can edit the description. To edit the actual file and tags, you will need the admin to approve your changes after you click upload. Making any edits to this section will you to re-upload all your files.


Q25:     What if I want to edit my item but no longer have the original files?

A25:     Go to Contact Support and click Questions and then message us so we can help with this. We can simply make the changes to your item from the admin panel.


Q26:    How do I change the price of my items?

A26:     Leave a message for the reviewer using the Contact Support link in the footer to ask us about changing the price for you.


Q27:     What are the FAQ options on each of my items?

A27:     This is where you can provide frequently asked questions and answers about the item you are selling. This could potentially help users when they decide to buy your item. This isn't a requirement.


Q28:     How do I get featured on the blog?

A28:     Most of the time the administrators write their own articles which appear on the blog but if you would like to be featured on the blog then you can submit your blog post to us at the e-mail address. We require that all blog posts submitted to us are free of spelling and grammatical errors. If you wish to include pictures in your blog post, simply attach those in your e-mail. Not all blog posts will be posted and not all blog posts will be posted immediately upon submission. The blog can be found here.


Q29:     Why was my item not approved / deleted?

A29:     Most likely it violated the Membership Agreement. The admin may send a message noting the reason and may ask you to resubmit it with changes.


Q30:     When do I get paid?

A30:     On the 1st and 15th of every month.


Q31:     How much is my pay supposed to be?

A31:     Check your Earnings page to figure out your total monthly pay. Remember, you are paid either once or twice a month, depending on your location and preference, based on last month's net sales.

On Site Items

Q32:     What are Collections?

A32:      Collections are groups of items compiled by different users based on a theme. They can be thought of as user favorites. Also, they can be set to private for personal use or to public which will be shown on the Collections page and on the user's profile page. Models can even use this feature to sort related content making it easier for the user to find.


Q33:     What is a Free File?

A33:     These are items which the Model has marked for free. They cost nothing and are free to download. Models are not required to provide free files.


Q34:     How do I report a member?

A34:     Go to the Contact Support page and click Moderation. Make sure to include as much information as possible as well as the user's username.


Q35:     One of your members on the site is using digital media owned by someone else, how do I report it?

A35:     Go to the Contact Support page and click Moderation. Make sure to include as much information as possible as well as the user's username and proof of the violation.


Q36:     I found a person online posing as one of your models, what should I do?

A36:     Go to the Contact Support page and click Moderation. Make sure to include as much information as possible as well as the user's username who is being impersonated and a link to the content in question.


Q37:     Why was I banned?

A37:     You most likely violated the membership agreement.


Q38:     How are prices determined?

A38:      The models set their own prices and dictate which content to make available in accordance to the membership agreement.


Q39:     What if an item is not as described?

A39:     Report the item by clicking Report This File in the Bookmark This section of the item's page and then click Moderation under the issue. Send us a message and we will work swiftly to resolve this for you. Make sure to include a link to the item.


Q40:     How do I subscribe to newsletters?

A40:     Make sure to check the box listed as "Add my e-mail in the bulletins" when registering. You can also sign up later using the section in the footer titled "Monthly Newsletter". You may cancel your subscription to newsletters at any time.


Q41:     How do I unsubscribe to newsletters?

A41:     Use the Contact Support link in the footer and select Questions. Tell us your e-mail and that you wish to unsubscribe to newsletter updates.

Live Cams

Q42:     Where do I go to see live webcams?

A42:      You would visit our subdomain at


Q43:     Do my credits from work on and vice-versa?

A43:      Unfortunately they do not. Credits you add on can only be used on and credits you add on can only be used on


Q44:     I seen a promotion on, is that promotion valid on

A44:      Any promotions seen on are only valid on Likewise, any promotions or deals on are only valid on unless stated otherwise.


Q45:     I have a billing / technical question related to, where do I go for assistance?

A45:      The same as you would with You can contact the admin using the support links or visit Epoch, our payment processor

Any remaining questions may be directed at the admin through e-mail at or by clicking Contact Support at the bottom. is a downloadable picture and video clip website. We focus on amateur and fetish clips and content. Not only do we offer adult video clips and pictures but we also offer adult audio clips. Our models consist of dominant alpha males and sexy girls. From any of our models portfolios, you will find amateur adult clips with various kinky fetish content. Everything you are looking for can be found on the site with content ranging from muscle worship, slave domination, men's feet, kink, masturbation, college girls, busty women, twinks, fetish material, verbal abuse, amateur bodybuilders, college guys, straight guys, and several other fetish clips. Not only do we offer video on demand services, but we also have live webcams over at where you can watch hot and sexy men and women showing off in free live cam shows. You can get to know our models through their profiles, live webcam shows, our blog, or by browsing our models directory. Membership to In-Charge is free. To download any of the adult video clips, pictures, or audio clips, you will have to join and add credits by clicking Re-Charge. This will allow you to add various amounts of credits to fund your account so that you can buy content from any of the models' portfolio. You can do the same over on our live cams site to buy private webcam chats with our sexy men and women on webcam. Create an account today to get started on In-Charge.