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Desperation to pee outside

Desperation to pee outside

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*********CUSTOM REQUEST*************  In the request, you will have to be desperate and pee your pants, so it would be better if you really drink many drinks before to be really desperate while doing the video. Don`t be afraid to make a long first part (5 minutes) where you are outside (street, park...) and desperate to pee, hold your crotch as often as possible (one hand most of the time, both hands once or twice). I guess someone (for example your boyfriend will be holding the camera), so make sure he/she films you from the front most of the time (no need for him to talk with you or anything, it`s better if it appears you are alone to struggle with your desperate bladder). When you are home, bad luck, many things will delay you. You have hard time finding the key, you have to climb stairs/cross the whole house before reaching the toilet, maybe a phone call delays you - don`t have to have an actual conversation, just pick up and say you can`t speak right now you have to pee bad and say you will call back... Keep holding your crotch often. When you arrive in front of bathroom, you loose it and pee yourself completely. Jeans are soaked (choose some jeans whose color will show the wetness, blue but not too dark). Then, when you have finished peeing, you make a comment about cruel the situation is, because you were almost there (hearing your voice saying that will be a great moment). Then you remove your clothes completely, getting fully naked in front of the camera. If that`s possible, you can have a shower on cam.   length: 9 mins

By: Sonique

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