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Admission test Master Darius - Brothers

Admission test Master Darius - Brothers

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- Roy commented that he had a younger brother, the truth is that I was dying to see him, so I entered into the Roy's social networks and I began the search of his brother, when I found him I could not believe how handsome the guy Was, the boy's name was Darius, was tall, good-looking  and with a penetrating look for my luck he had already reached the age of majority this year, (18 in our country). I need that guy in str8crushfeet, so I bothered my own brother for a whole week to help me contact him!
- After we both contacted Darius, we were very surprised by his response, my brother D-nero described the type of work we do in str8crushfeet, both the cashmaster guild and the production of videos and Darius' response was " I Know Who you are guys , my brother is a sloppy idiot and always leaves his things open in our computer, I have seen your instagram, videos and even conversations of my brother, with how you call that weird guys ... slaves ?. when I asked my brother about this he said: 'Darius I would love to work on this with you but I do not think you meet the requirements' ... I will be very happy to shut his fucking mouth, count with me, I will be the best master of Your guild.

- we invite Darius to our house, to record an admission test, to evaluate if he have the basics to join to str8crushfeet his ratings can be found at the end of this review.



- Everything is fine in the guild , Darius had just passed his test and to celebrate it we invite the brothers to stay at our house to wait the weekend for a small trip to the beach, everything was quiet until I remember that I have a slave since like a week ago living in my attic, which gives me money to clean my house, cook and wash my clothes, the pathetic being is on vacation at work ... and what better way to enjoy your free time than serving men Superiors men , the peace of this guy is over, we are bored and if your masters are bored, your obligation as a slave is to be a toy to hang out with.

- I could not mention all the things that this queer had to do to satisfy our superior needs, the best thing of all was to see the fun fight Roy and Darius had constantly to prove who is better, even though Roy did very well, that allowed Darius to show a little more his potential, showing a remarkable progress since his admission test despite the fact that was only been a couple of hours ago.


I have my faith in Darius, despite being a guy with geek tastes does his job well as a Master.

                                                                                                             Master  D-nero

Darius raiting:

Objective and technical evaluation of Master Dnero:
- Virility and presence: 6,5 / 10 (I see a great potential not yet externalized at all)
- Fluency, profanity, creativity and mastery of camera:: 6/10
- Verbal Ability: 7,5 / 10
- Attractive Identity: 2.5 / 10 (I want to help him boost his visually and dress identity )
- Alpha scent: 6.5 / 10 ( he have what it takes to master)

Lucky's Sensation Assessment:
- Foot smell: 8/10
- Skin Flavor: 8,8 / 10 (I must say ... it is my favorite so far)
- How much you enjoy being his slave: 15/10 (he won a couple of extra points because i really enjoy this time)
- Hot: 9/10 (Maybe I want he to pass the test, but the truth for me he is very attractive)
- Guts to try new things: 7,1 / 10


Total 76,9 / 100 (minimum to approve 60/100) Straight guy approved to be Master in Str8crushfeet.



Top Raitings Admission Test

1- M. Darius: 76,9
2- M. Jako : 74,5
3- M. Dante: 72
4- M. Roy: 71
5- M. Red: 63


This clip contains: group domination,  Slave being used as an object, sneakers worship, cleaning insoles, socks worships, dog play, eat like a dog at the feet of a master, piss drink, foot worship, spits in group, verbal humillation. slave used as ashtray

By: MasterDnero

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