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Admission Test Master Wolfgang

Admission Test Master Wolfgang

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Length :24:30 
( spanish lenguage- sub english)   

We are proud to present two great news, the first is that we have re-structured the admission tests, now you can find at the end of the video, the evaluation with the respective justification of each score, in addition to the ranking with which the masters have approved their admission tests (this will influence future content), we have also increased the difficulty of our test by adding the "Creative Moment" where we presented to the applicant different objects to use in their evaluation test, in this way we measure the ability to flow and to dominate the situation that each participant has. (we will be implementing new challenges in admission tests over time.) In this way we ensure that those who approve are really deserving to belong to str8crushfeet, those who are dynamic and complete and not just a face or a beautiful body.     

The second great news is the integration of Wolfgang, who passed the admission test with an incredible score (which you can find at the end of the video). 

Wolfgang is a domineering by nature and is the first to say openly "I'm not here just for the money, I'm here because I like to dominate" Wolfgang usually dominates women during sex since he is straight, this was his first time dominating another man and told us that in reality there is not much difference for him, since the power he feels he exercises over others is what gives him a mental pleasure beyond the sexual.     

Wolfgang is a guy with a rather outgoing personality, he is cocky and likes to grab the attention of people, the space he occupies is always full, thanks to that we realized that it is an alpha with a lot of potential, maybe it is not the guy aesthetically more "Masculine", but has more eggs than many muscular men who we know , in fact that day wolfgang participated in a double audition together with Taurus, that brown skin and muscular guy that many expected, wolfgang auditioned first and he did such a complete and fluid job, which completely intimidates the huge Taurus, we did not even give him the slightest indication to wolfgang, he always knew what to do and how to do it, Taurus simply could not with that pressure and failed his examination ... that's how the cat turned out to be fiercer than the lion.       

We know that Lucky is a special slave with special rights, who everyone here respects as an equal (Obviously 

because is my brother), is the submissive consented by all, which sometimes makes him a bit bratty, wolfgang does not like this ... although he understands that his position in our group is special, but he warned him to never call him Wolfgang alone and that whenever he referred to him he should do it correctly using the word "Master" always before Wolfgang, every time he sees a behavior that finds incorrect, 

he slap him in the face or hangs Lucky from the neck to show who is in charge.       

Lastly and personally what surprised me most was that he use strings for the first time, doing a kind of "bondage" totally improvised which turned out to be effective ... this guy surprise me and I expect great things from him in his future works.     

What we can expect from your new wolfgang crush in the future: * short pieces of videos of his extreme cycling routines recorded with action cam to then have his slaves lick and wipe all the sweat from his body after his routine * you like lycra suits ? this will be your ideal guy * as you can see in this video he loves choke and breathplay * Wolfgang likes to use bondage, he promised to practice and he would become a master of this practice * maybe more daring practices ... I think he has enough guts.   


Quotes about wolfgang :     

Lucky: "I would have liked to taste his feet longer, but for the first time I felt that a new guy had absolute control of me and the situation. I could not do anything about it, he just drove everything and I obeyed him"     

Taurus: "I feel that after seeing the work of my partner here is going to be difficult to do something better"

By: MasterDnero

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