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Racial Domination

Racial Domination

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Custom video request. Warning! This is an extreme fetish humiliation video featuring racial content. I have to admit that it’s amazing to have a nigga slave like you work for me. Having you out in the field, mowing the lawn, taking out the weeds and trash, serving your White Superiors. All the while I relax and enjoy the comforts that my slaves provide. As it should be. That’s all you’re good for anyway, working and being tortured. Scorched by the hot sun, kissing my dirty shoes and taking whatever I give you. I’m a sadistic fuck and cruel Owner but still, your faggot ass takes it. And I make you thank me each time and beg for more. Don’t think you’re going to get off easy this time, brownie. Open those biscuit lips and show me what a good baboon you are.

By: TransylvanianWolf

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