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The Foot Late - Jager and Kayser

The Foot Late - Jager and Kayser

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Weeeeeeeeelcome to another admission test! Do you know those words? Of course ! An admission test, is usually the first job performed by our straight guys once they are recruited, in this test they used to evaluate the ability of the individual to dominate another guys,Look good in camera and give us sexy material about their feet, but we got bored of the old format and we want to do something new, something never before seen, that's why we came up with the idea of a Foot late, and even though this is still a pilot, I think the idea of a TV show based on fetishes is quite promising and we are sure that it will be developed and transformed into something incredible with the passage of time (That's right, we are even preparing a new and exclusive stage (place) for this Late!). This program is only in its early stages, since we are preparing a financing for ideas much larger than you will see now.    - Meet Jager and Kayser, That's right! the admission test, will stop being in their great majority individual and will become a competition to prove who is the most sexy guy with the right to enter str8crushfeet, Although in this beta phase was not implemented we are already thinking about the integration of tests that will give points to the participants, in this way the most daring guys, with more attitude and charisma will have an advantage over those shy guys. (I will not give more information about the Guys this time, since I hope you will know them in our Late!)    - - The description of the foot smell will remain present, for those fans who love know about the foot smell of our guys! Obviously as we know that the amount of fetishists who love the smell of feet and buy used socks is high, We reward the guy with the most smelly feet with a greater amount of money than his rival, but this is where we will be completely sincere! If the guys does not have foot smell , our fetishist will never lie to you, even in this case, one of the participants had smelly feet while the other does not, in addition our fetishist is bandaged, so that his sense of smell is amplified and his Sense of sight does not infer in its final verdict.    we have included small sections outside to the fetish, such as a talent show, where guys can show little things that they love, for two big reasons; The first is because we believe that much of the affection, devotion and attraction you feel for a guy is based on their physical but also what they do in their day to day it influences when choosing one guy over another. Secondly because we want this to be a long video with different moments of climax and breaks, ideal for you to see in a lonely and free night, relax and put it on TV, wank one time and finish, then rest a little , recover energy while you watch the guys have fun doing ... guys things, until you recover energy for the second round!, but remember to leave some energies ... because you will probably have a third round ;).    - Do you like to see action and movement with guys feet but do not like degradation and humiliation? We have a space for you in our program called " Active Soft worship " we think that many times the videos of worship result with statics guys as a statue and here we do not like that, so we designed a concept where there is dynamism but not humiliation or degradation, come on ! many fans want to be under guys feet but without feeling humiliated to the bones, because being a fetishist is not always synonymous with being a slave, this is for you!    - A Random game where the guys are losing clothes every time they fail. (2 of they ends the rest of the video in underwear, yeah Dnero also play)    - A section of kinky questions, which you will personalize over time.    - Many quiet good shots of feet, with this we refer to shots to admire the feet of the new guys with detail and tranquility, without a Fetishist or a slave always in between.    - A lot of Foot worship scenes during all the Tv show, in the end many minutes of foot worship featurin D-nero.    -Note that this space will be updated and improved over time, this is just the beginning, we will receive all your ideas to make this a great Foot show for the web    Length : 1 hour 8 minutes.

By: MasterDnero

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