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Mind Orgasms 2

Mind Orgasms 2

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**Warning** Some offensive gay terms/dirty talk used. Role-play involved. 

The sequel to the very popular “Mind Orgasms” video is another hour-long buttplay, jerk off, and role-play video. Taylor has come home from a long day at work and starts doing a video diary. He mentions that he has been training in a co-worker and has noticed that this new guy has been blatantly checking out his big, round booty. This new guy really has no shame, doesn’t try and hide the fact that he is checking out Taylor’s ass at all. 

To top things off, Taylor noticed that not only this guy is checking him out, but he’s starting to get a hard on… and it’s a big one! Taylor asserts his straightness, but can’t help but wonder what this new guy’s big dick would feel like pounding into his white bubble butt, stimulating his prostate. 

Then Taylor mentions that his ex called looking for her dildo. He tells her that he hasn’t seen it… but in no time it is clear that he still has it… to use to satisfy his own curiosity. Taylor strips off his dress shirt and slacks but leaves the dress shoes and socks on. It’s time for Taylor to use that dildo to satisfy his imagination about what it would feel like to have that co-working hit his prostate over and over. 

Taylor starts up some dirty talk to his trainee “Kyle” to make this play time as real as it gets to the real thing. He rubs, teases, and eventually slides the dildo inside which elicits the first of MANY mind orgasms. Heavy dirty talk ensues as Taylor repeatedly hits his prostate over and over which in total give him EIGHT mind orgasms that make his legs shake, body tremble, and eyes roll back! He even gets a couple mind orgasms in doggy style position because he has to feel what it would be like. 

Now it’s time to jack off. Taylor NEEDS to cum for real. He sits back, talks dirty, and right before he cums, he grabs the dildo again and shoves it in to hit his prostate one last time which produces a super loud, mind-altering load. You think he would be finished after all of that, but Taylor wants just one more mind orgasm to finish him off. This last one is so intense that it makes him pass out from the extreme pleasure. I wonder what work will be like with Kyle now after all of that… 

Camera Perspective/View/Style: Camera in front of Taylor facing him. Able to see entire body throughout. Role-play. 

Duration: 59:32

By: DocTayTay

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