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Foot Gourmet - Darius Ft Dnero

Foot Gourmet - Darius Ft Dnero

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In this clip you can find Darius! in one of his real time sessions with Dnero. 

Lucky : With Jako's temporary departure, Darius took the master's crown of the most stinking feet in str8crushfeet, beating even Dante who we always believed would be the one to occupy this place. 

Darius tells us that he loves the idea that people older than him, pay him for smelling his feet, he is an 18 year old boy who has just finished his school process, but he feels calm, he does not yet know what to do in life but being a master makes him feel powerful and has given him a way to make easy money that maybe other guys of his same age don't have. 

Unlike his brother Roy, Darius is not a totally cruel and arrogant master, although he is sure of himself and can be quite dominant when he wants, Darius usually socialize more with the slaves, he interviews them and extracts a lot of information they in a very astute way (something that surprised me a lot, since at the beginning I noticed him more introverted and quiet), but who would not succumb to the charms of those deep and bright celestial eyes?, the slaves end up telling everything to him and it is there where Darius obtains profit, in the case of this slave to whom we call "The old Macdonald" (since he come from a rural area of ??our country to know us), the old Macdonald told to Darius that he loves mix the feet with sauces and food and see them as if they were a banquet prepared for dinner, Darius intelligently raised the price of the session in exchange for fulfilling that fantasy, you can see these scenes at the end of the vid and even though I'm not a big fan of mixing feet with food, since in my opinion the foot loses its original flavor, this was not the case, these guys' feet were so sweaty that the taste and smell did not disappear with the time and simply mixed with the condensed milk giving way to a peculiar bittersweet taste and salty at the same time (Yes, I could not resist the urge to taste them at the end of the session ... and to my surprise it was quite pleasant. ) 

With nothing more to say I invite you to have a crush with the stinking and huge feet (12 USA) of this young and handsome straight guy. 

D-nero: "Darius is a great guy, I often annoy him with being less popular than his brother, but the truth is that both are just as good with their different ways of working (though I always say Darius is more fun and nice) " 

Darius: "I always enjoy working with D-nero, this session was out of the ordinary, but the world of fetishes in my opinion is too big to do the same thing over and over again"

By: MasterDnero

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