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Master Rush Unaware Macro - The Shrunken Roomate

Master Rush Unaware Macro - The Shrunken Roomate

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The following is the detailed ideas and script that were given to Master Rush.... and the video pretty much follows it closely. I will tell you this... I've been heavily into macro for over a decade and this is one of, if not THE best clip that i've ever custom ordered directly from a straight master. If you are into macrophilia and this script gets you hard, then trust me.... it is well WORTH it!   **Script Ideas - Shrunken Roommate**   scene opens with a view from the floor of your room, looking around... shoes, dirty socks, clothes, etc are laying around all over. all of a sudden you walk in (shoes and socks on) and angrily say something like "oh there you are you little f..." The camera is looking up at your huge dirty shoes, legs, body, then face. You pick me up and bring me close to your face high up in the air. You say very degrading profane things to me explaining why you decided to shrink me down calling me names like bug or roach, and explain how insignificant and worthless my life is compared to a hot alpha such as yourself. No one knows where I am and what you did and i will soon just be another stain under your foot. You start to wonder what's the best use for me. Perhaps you should just eat me instead? you are a little hungry after all... (the camera POV shows your teeth and mouth and goes in like you are about to swallow me)... then you pull me out and decide that's not the best idea. perhaps you should make me lick out your armpit sweat? (shove the camera into your pit for a few seconds)...nah, (not sure how much you show but would love seeing you in boxers and maybe threatening to go in there!!! ha but eventually main thing you'd rather put me back down on the ground and make me worship your feet. (camera goes back to ground)... while looking up at you (please show your face through this too), you proceed to take your shoes off... you wiggle your dirty socked feet into the camera at me... finally you take your socks off exposing your sweaty, dirty feet... you command me to lick the sweat and dirt off... clean between your toes... clean underneath your toenails... (the camera should be moving around your feet and toes and trying to show all nooks and crannies there are)... finally you decide you've had enough of me... you stand up, and decide to try to stomp me out of existence like the barely visible bug that i am. (with the camera facing directly up), you step on me several times... you try both feet a few times.... after a minute you realize that it's not crushing me enough to extinguish me for some reason and i'm still alive... out of frustration you give up FOR NOW and tell me that you've got a place to store me until you can figure out the next step... you proceed to shove me inside a dirty white sock (camera goes into sock completely with last few seconds just trying to view outside through the fabric)...Length: 7:01

By: knight00wl

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