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Shrunk HumANT Panics, Fears Giant Eusebio's Return

Shrunk HumANT Panics, Fears Giant Eusebio's Return

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This scene starts off which you walking up and finding yourself shrunken and tiny, no bigger than an insect, trying to figure out what happened of course but more importantly at the moment where exactly it is that could be??? You've never seen the world from such a tiny pathetic ant-eyed view, and it's not exactly easy to make out your large surroundings which are either so high in the air or so far away. All you can seem to make out so far are some huge semi-truck sized shoes and socks strewn... Hmmm... where could you be right now... (shrug)....

  Anyway, to spruce this story up a touch from previous videos, our clever and very talented Giant Master Eusebio figured we'd try our first steps towards the next level. This unique little macrophilia themed video takes a bit of a twist and incorporates text subtitles from start to finish... which are intended to represent the thoughts and feelings of what you (the lost and unknown shrunken tiny) are thinking and also any dialogue which you may be speaking outloud (or perhaps even screaming out of fear) during this whole horrendous ordeal. Let's just cross our fingers and hope your tiny screams are even loud enough to register sound to the naked ear and that your high-pitched squeaks aren't completely unheard :-O

  So, after much examining and deliberation, your emotions turn from hope into anxiety as you began to suspect the actual location you have been stranded the size of a bug which you've been trying to navigate away from since you first found yourself in this state! You are very uneasy about whether being here of all places is in your best interest for salvation or if it could turn out to be quite the contrary and perhaps you should make a run for as far as you can go....

  So where are we exactly? The blue and orange FL Gators bedding, the foul and stinky odor fuming off those old soccer cleats, the once white but now dingy dirty socks with holes in them unwashed for days if not weeks, the empty beer bottles all over the floor, the cannabis bong sitting by the bed, the half-eaten pizza boxes all over, dirty piles of laundry well overdue for washing, and then... dare I mention it... the obviously used and filled condom covered in residual splooge all over it just tossed into the corner, missing the trash under the computer desk. This seemingly never-ending expanse of fuzzy carpeting miles and miles long which at first was unidentifiable.... is ACTUALLY the carpet from within the dorm room of someone very specific... In fact, even someone you've known and hated for years... None other than the straight, athletic, alpha jock who HAPPENS to be your randomly assigned cocky college roomate Eusebio, who you personally don't get along with. He's your typical fratboy of course... athletic, attractive, tall, broad shoulders, worksout, and very built. Needless to say, of course he gets all the college chicks. For you though, this situation is not likely to turn out well. He has historically been a "dick" to you, being a bit on the mean to rough side, almost to the point where you would consider him a serious "bully" in your life. He makes fun of your short height, and although has no reason or proof, always calls you a "fag" and spreads rumors about you sleeping with dudes. :-Z

  ANYWAY, your train of thought seems to be broken suddenly as you realize that he is home and might be stomping his building size 13 Nike's right into his bedroom and into the neverending expanse which you found yourself in hours earlier. Despite your best efforts to run and hide, you can't get very far at your pathetic size... Running a mile to you would still be less than one casual footstep for Giant Eusebio. The footsteps get louder and louder until you hear the bedroom door come to a jarring open and 2 sneakers come storming into the room. You immediately duck for cover in... well... perhaps I shall let you enjoy the rest of this fairytale on your own? Enjoy! :-P  Length: 5:56

  Category: GIANTS Related Categories: STOMPING, MALE DOMINATION, SHRINKING FETISH, MALE FEET, GAY HUMILIATION Keywords: fag, sub, slave, straight, alpha, dom, master, foot worship, dirty socks, diry shoes, cash master, crushing, verbal abuse, giant, bdsm

By: knight00wl

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