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It's So Fantastic When Master J Binds w/ Plastic

It's So Fantastic When Master J Binds w/ Plastic

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This video clip features something a bit new and different then we've ever seen before here in the studio. Since joining the scene, slave has been tied up and bound in so many ways with so many different sorts of materials, but it seems tonight Master J has discovered a new and exciting way to restrain and humiliate the faggot bitch. Before the recording starts, Master opens and uses from new nearly an entire roll of saran wrap (A.K.A. plastic wrap) to bind his slave in what's essentially a mummification fashion, rendering him completely and utterly helpless on the ground like a big faggot worm! J makes sure to describe how tight and trapped the faggot is from both the plastic wrap and the new leather mask which he's wearing that has a zipper in the back. After stepping on slave's face with his barefoot exerting his dominance over the slave, the faggot is meant to understand that he is nothing more than a pathetic piece of property which no longer has rights of his own and must accept whatever use and abuse Master J has for him at the time. That being said, Master now decides that now the time is about right for the slave to be used as his favorite and most comfortable chair which has both a cushioned seat for his ass and even a padded footrest. This chair is just but one piece of the collection which Master J owns. In case you were wondering, the chair itself is actually featured as part of the highly exclusive "Faggot Furniture Deluxe" collection, which was only allowed a very limited distribution here in the United States to a select group of individuals which happen to share a very unique talent... one  which is only seen behind closed doors. Anyway, Master J enjoys relaxing in his chair as he foot slaps and hand slaps his slave repeatedly while all he can do is moan and groan as his mouth has been duct taped shut. Master J stands towering high and mighty above the faggot as he not only uses duct tape to keep the mouth shut telling the faggot to smell Master's feet, but also uses it as a blindfold. Perhaps the slave was just so scared, but excessive whining and moaning causes J to remove the duct tape blindfold to relieve the slave's fear. However, he does so by ripping it off super fast and forceful like a band-aid, taking some of slave's eyebrow hairs with it! J cannot help but laugh constantly throughout this video watching the faggot worm squirm around thinking he's actually going to somehow free himself, which is obviously impossible. Master finally gets up for a moment off of the slave at which point the faggot makes the poor decision to try and attack J and get away which quite predictably backfires leading to the fag slave being the one to actually get beat down when Master uses his bare feet to quite literally kick the sh*t out of him while using some threatening verbal abuse. The scene closes with Master J looking down and laughing at his pathetic faggot slave as has him pinned down with one foot on the chest as he's literally wrapped into submission with a roll of clear plastic wrap. Length: 8:26

By: knight00wl

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