1. What is In-Charge.net?

    In-Charge.net is a marketplace for fetish enthusiasts to buy and sell their digital content. In-Charge allows users to sell user-created video clips, photos, and audio files at whatever prices they choose. We strive to be the best fetish community marketplace online by giving sellers new ways to interact with their fans, followers, and slaves.


  1. Why should I sell on In-Charge?

    Some sellers wonder, why don't they just sell their content on their own and avoid using a website. By selling on In-Charge, you can make money in your sleep. If you try selling videos privately, you can only sell them if you're online. Posting your videos to In-Charge makes them available 24/7. Alternatively, if you try creating your own website and selling through there, it'll be WAY too costly to manage with hosting costs, payment processing fees, and website maintainence costs. Lastly, with In-Charge as opposed to a "fan club" website, you get to make money from every individual video you sell. With a "fan club" site, you have to grant access to all of your videos for a low price. Therefore, you have a better chance to make more money on In-Charge than anywhere else.

  2. What can I sell on In-Charge?

    You can sell videos, photo sets, individual images, and audio clips.

  3. What type of items can I upload for sale?

    Basically anything you feel comfortable with whether it's a verbal abuse session, a real time meet, a foot worship clip, or any fetish oriented item you want. You're in charge with your portfolio of items for sale. Nudity is optional. Be yourself.

  4. How much is the commission rate?

    You will get 70% commission on everything you sell.

  5. How else can I make money?

    You can also make money on In-Charge by webcamming, selling custom videos, and by receiving tributes through the private messenger.

  6. How do custom videos work?

    Users submit custom video requests through the site as to what they're seeking and who they want a video from. We contact that seller to see if he is able to do the video for the price the user is offering. Once the seller agrees, the user must add those funds to his account. Once the funds have been added, we notify the seller to begin making the custom video clip. The seller has 1 week to create the clip after the user pays.

  7. How do I get paid?

    Once you earn a minimum of $25, you are eligible for a payout. You can submit your payout information here for your first payout from us. Payouts are on the 1st and 15th of every month based on your sales from the prior month.

  8. How can I promote my In-Charge portfolio?

    You can add the link to your portfolio on your social media accounts, blogs, or Skype status. On our In-Charge blog and weekly newsletter, we promote the newest items posted to the site each week, that's why it's important to keep posting regularly. We also advertist the top sellers each week and each month on our blog and in our newsletters.

  9. How do I change the price of my stuff?

    Contact us using the Contact Us link at the bottom of this page and we will change the price for you. We do this because many sellers have a slave or someone else manage their account, so it's a security measure.


  1. What are credits?

    Credits are what you need to purchase to download any of the items on In-Charge.

  2. How much is 1 credit equal to?

    It's simple, 1 credit = $1

  3. How much is 1 credit equal to?

    It's simple, 1 credit = $1

  4. Do I get to download what I purchased and keep it or stream it?

    Once you purchase anything on In-Charge, you can download it directly to your computer. You only need to pay for a file once and you can download it forever through the My Account page in the Downloads section

  5. Where I can download my past purchases?

    You can download and re-download all prior purchases from the Downloads section located within your My Account page

  6. How much is 1 credit equal to?

    It's simple, 1 credit = $1

  7. What if the item I downloaded doesn't play?

    Contact us using the support form at the bottom of the website. We will help you right away and make sure you get what you purchased

  8. Are the sellers on this site real?

    Yes, everyone on the site is really the person in their profile.


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