General Questions

Q1: Why join IN-CHARGE.NET?

A1: IN-CHARGE.NET is one of the top go-to places for downloadable fetish clips online.  Our goal with IN-CHARGE.NET has always been to create an online e-commerce fetish community providing freedom of sexual expression among all its members.

Fetish content creators can monetize their videos, audio clips, or images to their fans for a one-time download price and / or for a monthly subscription fee.

Users can use IN-CHARGE.NET to find whatever their unique kink or fetish happens to be by browsing our growing catalog of fetish clips and pictures from fetish content creators.

Q2: What is IN-CHARGE.NET and how is it different from other sites?

A2: Built to cater toward the fetish community, IN-CHARGE.NET is an online platform for content creators ranging from adult film stars, muscle gods, foot fetishists to cash masters, findommes, BDSM players, and everyone else to sell their digital content such as videos, audio clips, or pictures to all of their fans and followers.

IN-CHARGE.NET differentiates itself from the other platforms by focusing solely on fetish content. Whereas other sites simply submit generic clips you can find nearly anywhere for free online, IN-CHARGE.NET offers exclusive content from a growing community of fetish clip creators. The best part of all is that you can interact with your favorite content sellers by private messaging them or following them on the site.

Q3: What type of fetish content is acceptable to post?

A3: Nearly all fetish content is welcome in the IN-CHARGE.NET community. Some examples of suitable kinky content to post can be clips / pictures focused on feet / foot worship, verbal abuse, undressing / strip teasing, dirty dancing, counting cash, muscle worship, balloon popping, farting / burping, macrophilia, leather / latex gear, real-time meets with fans / slaves, etc. The list is endless.

Q4: What type of fetish content is NOT acceptable to post?

A4: For starters, we require that all clips be at least 1 minute in length. Beyond that, all common sense applies to as what is NOT OKAY to post. Anything illegal is never acceptable. For a full, but not exclusive, list of unacceptable content please review our community guidelines: https://www.in-charge.net/static/community.html

Q5: What if I have a technical issue?

A5: Use the contact form at the bottom of the site to send us a message and we will reply within 24 hours to help you.

Seller Questions

Q1: How do I become a seller?

A1: Sign up to IN-CHARGE.NET (it’s free) using the join button at the top, complete your basic profile, click the Become a Seller link in your profile, then submit all of the basic requirements (date of birth, photo ID, preferred payout method).

Q2: How long does it take to become verified as a seller?

A2: If all the information was submitted, you can be verified in less than 24 hours to begin selling.

Q3: How do users view my content?

A3: Users can view your content either directly from your profile page or by searching throughout the site for it. Users can search for content by tag / keyword, recent uploads, most popular, or being viewed now.

Q4: Is it free to sell my fetish content?

A4: Yes. There are no upfront fees to pay to become a seller or to sell content. You earn a commission from every sale you make on the website.

Q5: What payout methods can I choose from? Where can I change my payout method?

A5: For offer a wide variety of payout methods including but not limited to bank wire, Western Union pickup, CashApp, Revolut, Amazon gift card, and more. You can change your payout method from your profile page.

Q6: When do I get paid?

A6: Sellers get paid on the 1st and 15th of every month based upon the prior period’s earnings. For example, earnings from June 1 – June 15 will be paid on July 1 and earnings from June 16 – June 30 will be paid on July 15. You must have a minimum account balance of $25 to be eligible for a payout.

Q7: What percentage do I earn on my sales?

A7: You will earn 70% from all sales.

Q8: Why does IN-CHARGE.NET keep a percentage of sales?

A8: As an online platform which allows you to post your content for sale, we have numerous operating costs we must pay to ensure IN-CHARGE.NET can run day-to-day. Since we are an adult website, we must pay a 15% commission to our credit card processors from every sale and yearly renewal fees. That leaves us with only 15% for ourselves to pay for hosting, website maintenance, marketing, accounting, legal, and more.

Q9: What are all the ways I can earn money on the site?

A9: You can earn money by selling your videos, audio clips, and pictures on IN-CHARGE.NET. As mentioned previously, you can sell your content for a one-time price to download it or for a monthly subscription price to stream it.

Aside from content downloads / subscriptions, you can earn money from tips / tributes from your fans as well as charging a fee to send you a private message on the site.

Q10: Is there a minimum or maximum price I can charge to download my content?

A10: There are no minimums or maximums for prices. We do recommend you charge something more than zero though, otherwise you won’t make any money.

Q11: How are my videos kept safe from piracy on tube sites?

A11: If we see any existing IN-CHARGE.NET seller’s content on a free tube site, we take immediate action and issue a DMCA takedown notice requiring that website / their webhost to remove the content within 24 hours or we will take legal action. We do not take piracy lightly and do everything in our power to shut it down immediately. You can also notify us if you find your content out on the web and we will fight for you to get it removed.

Q12: Can I change my content thumbnails?

A12: Yes. After your content is approved and appears on the site, you can change your content’s thumbnail preview image from a preloaded gallery of stills from your video or you can upload your own.

Q13: Can I change the price of my content after posting it?

A13: Yes. You can change the price of your content after it has been posted. You can also offer a mass discount on all your content by changing the settings in your profile.

Q14: How can I promote my content? Does IN-CHARGE.NET promote me?

A14: You can link your IN-CHARGE.NET account to your Twitter page so that every time you have a sale, it posts to your Twitter account. You can also include a link to your IN-CHARGE.NET profile on all your social media accounts and personal website if you have one.

IN-CHARGE.NET does the best we can to promote and showcase all our fetish content creators by mentioning the newest uploaded content in our newsletters and blog each week. We also promote the top sellers every week in our newsletter.

Q15: When I log in, why does my entire video play? Can users see the whole video without paying?

A15: No. Customers can only see a preview of the video. You can see the entire video because you are the video owner. No one else can see the full video until they pay for it.

User Questions

Q1: Is it FREE to become a member of IN-CHARGE.NET?

A1: Yes. IN-CHARGE.NET is 100% free to use. You only pay when you want to add tokens to your account to download content, if you want to tip / tribute a user, or if you become a monthly subscriber to a user’s content page.

Q2: How do I only view female content? How do I only view male content?

A2: You can click the sex symbol in the top left-hand corner to view content only from men or content only from women.

Q3: What are tokens? How much is each token?

A3: Tokens are your virtual currency to pay for video downloads or to tribute / tip a seller. 10 tokens = $1 USD.

Tokens are not used for monthly subscriptions. Those are charged to your selected payment method every month until canceled and do not affect your token balance.

Q4: Where can I view all my purchased content?

A4: Once signed into the site, click the Downloads tab in your profile to view all your previously purchased downloadable content.

Q5: Do I have to pay each time I download the same video?

A5: No. When you pay a download price, you can download that particular item an unlimited number of times until the item is no longer on the website.

Q6: An item I previously paid for to download is no longer on the site. What happened?

A6: Sometimes sellers leave the site to quit the business and their content goes away. That's why you should always download all purchased website content upon ordering it.

Q7: Can I view all a seller's content for a monthly fee instead?

A7: Yes. If you do not want to pay-per-clip, you can pay a monthly fee instead to view all a seller’s clips (only if the seller has this feature enabled).

Q8: Can I subscribe to custom email notifications? What type of notification can I subscribe to?

A8: Yes. You can change your email notification settings from inside your profile. You can opt in to receive notifications when a seller you follow changes their prices, then a seller you follow posts new content, or when there is new content from a keyword / tag you follow.

Q9: Is my information private and secure?

A9: Yes. We value your privacy, especially on a site like IN-CHARGE.NET. None of your private payment information is stored on the website as it is all processed by a third-party payment processing company. IN-CHARGE.NET will never ask you for your login information.